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How to play

Earn Coins

Collect coins by playing quizzes, personality tests and opinion polls. You turn your coins into diamonds by wagering them on predictions.


Stake your coins by making predictions on current events, celebrities, reality tv outcomes and more. You can also put your money where your mouth is and bet on yourself answering with the majority on hot topic We Ask 100 questions. If your prediction was correct you’ll earn diamonds.


Earn Diamonds

Earn diamonds by making correct predictions and answering with the majority in We Ask 100 questions. As well, be sure to join events (see below), build up streaks, and complete quests to earn bonus diamonds.

Get Prizes

You turn your diamonds into cold, hard physical prizes in our shop. Exchange your diamonds for makeup, jewellery and more. Seriously, it’s that easy (and free!). Also check out our sweeps - for fewer diamonds you can buy a lottery ticket to win big prizes!



Cash in your coins to enter events on the latest reality and streaming TV shows and throwback pop culture moments. In certain TV events you can even play along LIVE to win BIG! Climb the leaderboards within events to win instant prizes.


Come back every day to build your streak progress. Make sure you watch out, there are hidden rewards for building up your streaks, and every 7 days you win the chance to get a free mystery item shipped to your front door!



Check out your daily and monthly quests, which will give you a series of mini-challenges to complete to earn coins, diamonds and collect boxes. Collect enough boxes and you get to play our box mini-games, where you can hit the jackpot for gems and diamonds, and even win real prizes.

Play More

You can now smoothly play post after post with the “play more” button after each post you play. No more redirecting back to the home page. Just play again and again... We know, it’s addicting.

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