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DISCLAIMER: Apple is not involved in any way with our sweepstakes, events, or contests. 


What is goss?

Goss is a platform  where you can make predictions on your favourite celebs, shows, and so much more! We are the first female-focused competition and prediction platform.


What do coins do?

Goss Coins are used to place a prediction on a question. The more you wager, the more you win back if correct. You can win coins in other ways like sharing and participating in daily and monthly quests. 


What do Diamonds do?

Diamonds can also be used to make predictions and to redeem prizes from our store. The more diamonds you wager the more you get back (if you’re correct) and the faster you get that sweet sweet prize. 

Diamonds are never bought but can be gifted with certain coin packages, won through completing tasks, wagering coins, or mailing in requesting free diamonds following the AMOE provided in our Sweepstakes rules. 


Can I actually win real prizes? How?

Uh, yes. Sounds too good to be true but it isn’t. Every time you make a prediction (aka answer a question) diamonds can be earned 


Once you’ve earned your diamonds head over to the loyalty store to cash them in for real goods. Prizes include instant wins like Glossier Lip Gloss or test your luck by redeeming  a ticket to our draws for bigger and better prizes. 


 You always get to decide how much you want to wager... The more you wager the more diamonds you will win back if correct. 


What is the Daily Stack?

So glad you asked. Its a stack of posts, usually 3 that all close the next day. If you play all of the posts in the daily stack, you are rewarded extra just for completing. 


Why was my prediction voided?

 It looks like we’ve created a faulty question where the answer fell outside of the options available. Not to worry, we’ve credited your account back with all of the coins/diamonds placed. Sorry love. 


I searched for my show and nothing came up?

Fudge sticks. It looks like it hasn’t been added to a category yet. We only have so many hands and so many feet you know? Write to us at and we’ll take a look at prioritizing it.


What happens if a prediction is leaked?

This is a fun ruiner. If we find/receive an article with one of the predictions in it with the correct answer, we will honor all of the predictions made before the time posted on the article. If you made a prediction after the article (or whatever it might be media-wise) then we will credit your account back with the coins/diamonds wagered. 


Can I share this with my friends?

Yes yes and yes. There are share buttons throughout the app rewarding you big bucks for sharing with friends. Otherwise, just drop them a link to our app page or our website


Can I add my friends or follow them?

Not yet… You can view their stats if they make it on a leaderboard however this is something we’re looking to change real soon. 


Is there a way to suggest content or categories?

You betcha. Email us at hello@goss.meda and we’ll see what we can do. 


Can I win real money?

You can win real prizes and gift cards! We’re not doing the whole money thing right now. We might do it down the line. We’ll see. 


I’ve made the leaderboard! Now what?

Congrats! Well done, you. 


How come I can’t play a question twice?

In a perfect world, we’d let you play a  million times… but unfortunately, we’d be giving away way more goods than we could afford if that were the case. 


I've noticed the prices in the store have increased... please explain

We really really hate doing it. So why have we? The long and short is, it's not sustainable to keep the pricing we had before. As we cover shipping and everything we've had to adjust.


We asked 100, how do these questions work?

These my friend, are the only type of predictions where you gotta be in the majority. You want to pick the most popular answer and then the prediction automatically closes once it hits the end date and if you manage to be in the majority, you will be rewarded. 


How do I know which predictions are 'We asked 100'? 

You will see a 'tag' on the post labelling it as a ‘We asked 100’. You can find them all nested safely under their own tab on the browse page too. 


What is an event?

An event can be either a specific show (ie. Love Island, Sex Education) or a specific category (ie. Disney, Bridesmaids, Harry Potter). 


How do Events work and how do I win them?

You win events by winning the most points. You can earn points by answering the predictions correctly, playing along live (points are worth 3x), answering the quizzes correctly (more points awarded for speed however if the answer is wrong then no points are given), and lastly the amount of coins or diamonds submitted on each prediction. 


What are the perks of joining an event?

Lots babycakes, lots. 

1 - you have daily content dedicated to the show or category which in its own right is pretty fun to play 

2 - this means you can earn way more diamonds and coins

3- some events have multipliers cuz you get to play live which in our opinion, is the best feature thus far

4 - you compete to reach the top of the leaderboard, and if you are top 3, you win a mega prize instantly 

5 - you get to see what your friends played and compete against them

What is a multi-bet?

Good question. Multi-bets are just normal bets but grouped together and if you win them all you instantly win the prize shown. However, all you homies still win even if you get one right, you win the diamonds just not the physical gift. 1/5 = 1 diamonds, 2/5 = 2 diamonds, 3/5 = 3 diamonds, 4/5 = 4 diamonds 5/5 = 5 diamonds plus the instant reward. 


Most muli-bets are related to live episodes airing, but not technically limited to.


What is a box game?

If you’re lucky enough to play, you get to pick a box out of 12 and get the secret reward hidden behind it. A gold box game works the same just with juicier rewards.


What are these kitty cat achievements for?

Each little cat is rewarded for tasks that you do on the app. Level them up and you’ll start to see subtle changes in your animals. Collect them all before moving onto the next set. 


What is a live bet? I noticed a red thing say 'Live' but don't know what it means...

Live bets are the same as normal bets they just are posted and closed in real-time as the episode airs. They are worth 3x the points in any event and really enhance your watching experience.


I sent the wrong shipping address. What should I do?

UH OH - We only have a small window to rectify this so please contact us as soon as you can at


I got a new phone and can’t login now:

There is nothing good about this. Send us a message asap. Alternatively, check that you didnt sign up with Apple ID or Facebook. 


I didn’t receive a confirmation email that my product was shipped?

Before we get our knickers in a twist, did you check your spam? Did you wait 24hrs for it to appear? If so then they are rightly twisted. Give us a shout at and we’ll see where we went wrong.


I received the wrong item:

Yikes, that’s not good. Email us at We’ll look through our system and double check the transaction. 


How do i get free diamonds?

A few ways:

  • You can mail in to our office and request diamonds by following the steps laid out in our sweepstakes rules. You

  • You can get diamonds for completing tasks and achievement challenges in app

  • You can get diamonds for free when you purchase coin packages

  • You can get diamonds for free for wagering coins on predictions

  • Every once in a while we may do a social media contest and reward diamonds this way as well 


Have a totally separate issue and need help?

 No probs. Hit us up

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