Goss FAQ’s 


What do these coins do?

Coins are what you will use to wager on each question. The more you wager the more you win back. If you really think you know the answer, you should wager more as when you go to cash out your coins for real prizes, the more coins you have, the more prizes available to you. 


You can win coins in other ways like sharing, and participating in daily and monthly quests. Also known as zee box game :). 


What do stars do?

Stars can only be earned one way. This is by successfully making a correct prediction. You will need stars when collecting prizes from our loyalty store. 


Can I actually win real prizes? How?

Uh, yes. Sounds too good to be true but it really isn’t. Every time you make a prediction (aka answer a question) coins can be earned and are given for free daily.


Once you’ve earned your coins and stars head over to the loyalty store to cash them in for real goods. Prizes include instant wins like Glossier Lip Gloss and sweepstakes which are draws you enter for bigger prizes like a Louis Vuitton scarf.

 You always get to decide how much you want to wager. There is a sliding coin bar showing the min and the max. The more you wager the more coins you will win back.  If you guess correctly you will be rewarded with coins and stars.

I've noticed the prices in the store have increased... please explain

 We understand it won't make anyone happy which is why we really really hate doing it. So why have we? The long and short is, it's not sustainable to keep the pricing we had before. As we cover shipping and everything and don't yet charge the users for any in-app purchases atm, we've had to adjust. Goss launched in 2020 and it was always a bit of trial and error with the pricing, it was never changed due to anything other than, damn we're losing money here, we gotta adjust. So we would then adjust. We made a big mistake in the past by not notifying you guys first before changing the cost. Moving forward, if it ever happens again we will send a notification first. 


What do you mean some are draws and some are instant wins?

Some items are big-ticket items and you can use your points (coins and stars) to enter to win the prize. Such a prize will have a closing date and you will be notified if you’ve won or lost. 


Other items, such as makeup and gift cards can be instantly cashed in for where we’ll ask you for your shipping info and send it straight away. 


Is the Sweepstakes legit? Yes ma'am. Is it hard to win? Yes ma'am. This is why it costs so little. There is only one winner and we get thousands of entries per prize so you will most likely lose, based on the numbers yeah? But, if you do win: first you're super lucky, and second, you took a chance and will be handsomely rewarded for it. Every time a draw is complete, we send the winning ticket number to everyone who played. Then if your number matches, shoot us your shipping info and we send the prize to you within a couple of days. 

Why was my prediction voided?

 Looks like we’ve created a faulty question where the answer fell outside of all of the options available. Not to worry, we’ve credited your account back with all of the coins placed. Sorry love. 


What’s with the coin slider; I don’t get it?

This little bar is there so you can easily slide across how much you want to wager. The more you wager the more you will win back. This is good for when you’re redeeming prizes in the loyalty store. More bang for your buck. 


I searched for my show and nothing comes up?

Fudge sticks. It looks like it hasn’t been added to a category yet. We only have so many hands and so many feet you know? Write to us at Support@goss.media and we’ll take a look at prioritizing it.


What happens if a prediction was leaked?

This is a fun ruiner. If we find/receive an article with one of the predictions in it with the correct answer, we will honor all of the predictions made before the time posted in the article. If you made a prediction after the article (or whatever it might be media-wise) then we will credit your account back with the coins wagered. 


Can I share this with my friends?

Yes yes and yes. There are share buttons throughout the app. Otherwise, just drop them a link to our app page or our website http://goss.media.


Can I add my friends or follow them?

Not yet… You can view their stats if they make it on a leaderboard however this is something we’re looking to change real soon. 


Is there a way to suggest content or categories?

You betcha. Email us at support@goss.meda and we’ll see what we can do. 


Can I win real money?

You can win real prizes. We’re not doing the whole money thing right now. We might do it down the line. We’ll see. 


I’ve made the leaderboard! Now what?

Congrats! Well done, you. 


How come I can’t play a question twice?

In a perfect world, we’d let you play a  million times… but unfortunately, we’d be giving away way more goods than we could afford if that were the case. 


I sent the wrong shipping address. What should I do?

UH OH - We only have a small window to rectify this so please contact us as soon as you can at team@goss.media


I got a new phone and can’t log in now:

There is nothing good about this. Send us a message asap. support@goss.media.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email that my product was shipped?

Before we get our knickers in a twist, did you check your spam? Did you wait 24hrs for it to appear? If so then they are rightly twisted. Give us a shout at team@goss.media and we’ll see where we went wrong.


I received the wrong item:

Yikes, that’s not good. Email us at support@goss.media. We’ll look through our system and double-check the transaction. 


I have a totally separate issue and need help

 No probs. Hit us up support@goss.media.